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Is Teeth Whitening Safe on Tooth Enamel?

If you are on the hunt for the perfect, most dazzling smile, you’ve come to the right place. You’re also not alone! Achieving a bright white smile is a goal many aspire to, and professional teeth whitening treatments offer an effective way for people to reach that goal. Using a bleaching material and a UV …

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concept of tooth or filling falling out

What to do if a filling falls out?

Dental fillings are a common cosmetic dental treatment. They can be used for both restorative and cosmetic purposes. The most common purpose is to protect your tooth after decay has been removed. However, they can also address chips, cracks, discoloration, or other minor tooth imperfections. While they are durable and long-lasting, they can fall out. …

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Do Dental Veneers Require a Lot of Maintenance?

Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic dental treatment. They are highly effective in improving the appearance of your smile. One of the major benefits of treatment is that dental veneers can be customized to meet your aesthetic goals. The treatment involves the application of thin, custom-made shells over the front of your teeth. They can …

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Be Careful With These Foods With Crowns

Dental crowns are an effective dental treatment that restores teeth that have been damaged or impacted by decay. Also referred to as “caps,” dental crowns are a custom-made tooth restoration that is placed over your damaged tooth. Dental crowns offer a variety of benefits as they can protect and restore your tooth, improve its function, …

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Can You Floss Bonded Teeth?

Dental bonding involves the application of tooth-colored resin to your teeth. It can repair damage and improve the overall appearance of your teeth. It can address a number of issues, including chips, cracks, gaps, and discoloration. Compared to alternative options, dental bonding is cost-effective, safe, and doesn’t require a long recovery period. You may wonder, …

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Is a Root Canal Needed Before a Crown?

Dental crowns are one of the most common restorative dental procedures. They offer a variety of benefits as crowns can improve teeth that are damaged, weakened, or decayed. Crowns can improve the appearance and function of your tooth as they are shaped and color-matched to blend in with the rest of your natural teeth. Depending …

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concept of surprising benefits of teeth cleaning

7 Surprising Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

Regular teeth cleanings are beneficial for your oral and overall health. Dentists recommend a regular teeth cleaning at least every six months. This may be more often for those with a history of gum disease or tooth decay. Below you will find 7 surprising benefits of teeth cleaning and why you should schedule your next …

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concept of why do wisdom teeth cause pain

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Cause Pain?

Most people get their wisdom teeth between the ages of 17 and 25. Sometimes the process can be smooth and for others it can be more painful. You may wonder, why do wisdom teeth cause pain? Below you find out why you may experience pain when your wisdom teeth come in, and what you should …

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concept of signs your Invisalign is working

Signs Your Invisalign Is Working

Invisalign is designed to provide the benefits of orthodontic treatment without all of the visible wires, brackets, and spacers. It is a discrete option that is beneficial for those of all ages. Invisalign can treat a variety of dental issues and leave you with a more aligned smile. Getting used to the aligners is easy, …

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Dental Tips for Parents

Children’s oral health and hygiene during childhood has a direct impact on their oral health for the long-term. Setting them up for success early on can be a major benefit. This can start even before they turn one so consider the following dental tips for parents. Dental Tips for Parents There are a number of …

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