Root Canal

Let’s face it: nobody is excited for a root canal, no matter how necessary it might be. Thankfully at Monte Vista Dental Group, we approach the treatment in a way that puts you at ease. You can rest assured that you can always count on a procedure that removes the infection and brings your smile back as pain-free as possible.

A root canal refers to saving and repairing a tooth that has decayed or becomes infected. The procedure may involve more than one visit.


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What is a Root Canal exactly?

The term “root canal” refers to space inside of the tooth, which holds the pulp. Generally, human teeth have between one and four root canals. There are four kinds of teeth in your mouth, and how many root canals they have depends on the tooth in question.

  • Your molars have between two to four canals.
  • Your premolars have between one to two canals.
  • Your cuspids have either one or two canals.
  • Your incisors have only one canal each.

A root canal becomes necessary when the pulp inside your tooth becomes infected or starts to decay. This can happen for a lot of reasons, including:

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Untreated cavities
  • A diet rich in carbs and acidic foods and drinks
  • Tooth grinding
  • and more.

This is predictably unhealthy, but, considering the inside of your canals are filled with blood vessels and nerves, it is also painful. One of the main indicators that you may require a root canal is persistent discomfort around a particular tooth. A root canal procedure will ensure that the infected tissue is appropriately dealt with.

Usually, if you regularly visit your dentist, they should catch developing tooth decay before a root canal is necessary.

What happens during a root canal procedure?

A successful root canal procedure may take more than a single appointment with our dentist in Montclair. During the first appointment, we will measure how deep the infection in your tooth goes. In some cases, you may need additional treatment before your root canal. At Monte Vista Dental Group, we use oral conscious sedation to make the selected areas of your mouth appropriately numb.

  • To start, we will take an X-ray image of the tooth.
  • Next, we will place a rubber dam inside your mouth to keep it dry and ensure saliva does not hinder the process.
  • A tiny drill is used to make a hole in the pulp chamber.
  • Our dentists then remove the nerve. It may be necessary to take another X-Ray to ensure we have the correct length of the root.
  • Once the tooth has dried, we will seal the inside of the tooth.
  • You may receive a filling or a crown.

A root canal will help you keep a tooth that, in other cases, may have needed a tooth extraction and lets you enter the world with a happy, pain-free smile once again.

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Is the process painful?

Each case is unique, and your experience will vary depending on the severity of the infection. You can generally expect some pain and discomfort during the procedure, although likely not to the extent that you may believe. With Dr. Cho and Dr. Jeon, you are in the hands of seasoned root canal specialists, so you do not have to worry about excessive or acute pain. We take every step necessary to ensure your comfort.

What can I expect from the recovery process?

You can expect some soreness after the procedure, and we may recommend some medication and antibiotics to help ease any pain. Many patients prefer to eat on the side of their mouth that did not have the procedure for a few days, but generally, it is rare for recovery to last longer than a week. Most patients are capable of resuming daily activities right after the procedure. Ensure you follow all advice from your dentist and avoid putting unnecessary strain on your teeth during this time.

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