Dental Veneers

Everyone wants white teeth and a shining smile, but getting there can seem complicated. Teeth whitening is often not enough to restore your teeth to their original luster. If this is the case for you, you may consider looking into dental veneers. Whether your teeth are discolored, chipped, smaller than they should be, or merely lacking their original luster, this may be the option for you. Veneers can be used to treat a variety of different cosmetic concerns. Whether you just need one veneer to address a damaged tooth or several to create an even smile, Monte Vista Dental Group can handle it. The top front eight teeth are the ones veneers are most commonly applied to.


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What are dental veneers, and how can they help?

Dental veneers are thin covers that attach to your teeth to give them a more complete look. These are not the same as dental implants, which replace the entire tooth, or crowns, which encase the entire tooth. Veneers only cover the front surface. They are made from either porcelain or resin composite materials. Dr. Cho and Dr. Jeon will discuss the benefits of each veneer option with you during your consultation, such as how porcelain veneers generally resist stains better than resin ones. 

Veneers can help address a variety of cosmetic dental concerns, including:

  • Discolored or stained teeth
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Misaligned, uneven, or irregularly shaped teeth
  • Teeth with gaps between them

What to expect from your appointments

During your first appointment, Dr. Cho and Dr. Jeon will discuss your veneer options with you, specifically which type of veneer is the best for your needs and how many you need to have placed.

After that, digital X-rays will be taken to look for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or any other oral health issue that could make the veneer installation process difficult.

During your second appointment, our doctors will size your teeth for the veneers. The enamel of your teeth will be removed so that we may take a mold, allowing us to create your brand new veneers. We then trim down your teeth by about half a millimeter. 

It will then take about a week or two to prepare your veneers to ensure the fit, shape, and color are perfect. After that, your teeth must undergo a deep cleaning. This is crucial because you can’t have bacteria trapped under the veneer. After the tooth has been cleaned substantially, Dr. Cho and Dr. Jeon use a tool to create a rough texture on each tooth, where the veneer will be applied. This is important because it allows the veneer to stick to the tooth. The veneer is bound to the tooth with dental cement, which is hardened with ultraviolet light. And voila! You have a brand new smile to show off!

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If you are unhappy with your teeth’ appearance, just give us a call at Monte Vista Dental Group in Montclair, CA. We will go over all of your options for veneers with you while explaining the process. We want you to be fully informed as to all of your options for dental cosmetic excellence. There are many options available to you, so don’t wait any longer! Call today!
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