Orthodontics are separate from general dentistry in that their purpose is to diagnose and treat malocclusions. A malocclusion involves the imperfect positioning of your teeth when you close your jaw, and are generally the result of the same issues that cause crooked, uneven teeth or disproportionate jaws.


When Should My Family Visit the Orthodontist

Teaching your family the best practices in maintaining their oral health is of the utmost importance. But how do you know if there is a more significant issue, and your child might need braces? How old do they need to be before taking them to visit an orthodontist?

The American Dental Association advises that orthodontic treatment for most children begins between ages eight (8) and fourteen (14). Dr. Jeon and Dr. Cho encourage parents to get kids an orthodontic evaluation by age seven (7) since most of their six (6) year molars. Usually, four (4) of their permanent anterior teeth are now in place. With this mix of baby and adult teeth, our local orthodontists can often identify any problems, and treatment begun at this early stage will produce optimal results. Most orthodontists will give you an accurate timetable for possible treatment, and the first step is to set up an appointment for your child.

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Orthodontic Treatment Options

Depending on the issue, your child could have one or more of a few treatment options available to them. Traditional braces are what most people think of when they hear the word "orthodontist." Traditional braces have metal brackets connected by wires placed on their teeth. The purpose of traditional braces is to reposition the teeth and jaws to where they should be.


For a less conspicuous alternative to braces, we also offer Invisalign. This procedure involves the use of aligners, created by the Invisalign company based on cast moldings provided by us, and can offer the same benefits as traditional braces, without the appearance. They can also be removed for eating or brushing. Ask us for more information.

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A Healthy Smile

The first step to maintaining a healthy smile for your child is to schedule regular cleanings and dental check-ups with our family dentists at Monte Vista Dental Group. Our dentists recommend a check-up every six (6) months. Routine exams help to remove plaque build-up that brushing and flossing alone can’t remove, and Dr. Cho and Dr. Jeon will keep an eye out for decay or other oral health issues. The second step is to teach your children to brush and floss regularly after every meal. Monte Vista Dental Group recommends that you brush twice a day and floss daily. Toothbrushes should be changed out three (3) to four (4) times a year. Rinsing with an antibacterial rinse can help prevent both decay and gum problems. A consistent routine with your child’s dental hygiene will create a lifetime of good habits.

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