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Unfortunately, cavities are a common part of life. Whether it’s because you drank one too many sugary drinks, or went too long without brushing, if you ended up with a cavity, it’s going to need treatment.

If a cavity is caught early on, all you’ll need is a simple dental filling. However, if allowed to progress, a more complicated treatment, like a root canal, may be necessary. At Monte Vista Dental Group, keep your smile happy and healthy is our passion. You can trust that when you are here, you are in good hands.


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What are cavities exactly? What are fillings?

A cavity is an instance in which tooth decay eats away at your tooth, leaving an empty space behind. This can lead to worse decay and even pain in some instances. Once the area is cleaned, a filling is put in its place. Simply put, a filling is a material placed in the cavity to essentially cover it up, allowing your tooth to behave normally.

Fillings are constructed from a variety of materials. Listed here are just a few.

Silver Amalgam Filling

This is a blend of several different metals but is usually about 50% silver. Most people prefer to get these fillings for out-of-sight teeth only, as they may stand out.

This filling is a blend of several different metals but usually is at least 50 percent silver. However, most people prefer to get these fillings for out-of-sight teeth only, as they can stand out. Advantages include affordability, a lifespan of over 12 years, no risk of contamination. Disadvantages include a color that does not match the teeth. It may also expand or contract over time.

Composite Dental Filling

These are made of a resin and plastic blend and offer the right balance between affordability and inconspicuousness. Composite dental fillings better match your tooth color but can be pricier and need to be replaced every 5-10 years.

Ceramic Filling

These fillings are made of ceramic porcelain. They are a highly popular choice for their aesthetic quality. They are durable, match your tooths’ color, and highly resistant to wear and tear. However, they are more expensive and are less resistant to physical damage. They will stand up to the weathering of time but may break or chip if subjected to stress.

Glass Ionomer

An excellent choice for children, this kind of filling will release fluoride, which protects against further decay. If your child has a cavity in their baby tooth, it still must be treated, as this could lead to more severe problems. A slight disadvantage is that they aren’t meant to last forever and don’t always match the tooth color.

Gold Fillings

The rarest and generally most expensive form of filling is very sturdy but usually is not offered if only for their practicality. Historically, they were commonly used in inlays and onlays but have mostly been phased out.

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What Can I Expect from the Process?

First, we clear away the decayed part of the tooth. Once decay has been removed, the filling will be applied. How exactly this is done depends on the type of filling. Tooth-colored fillings tend to take more time, as they must be applied in layers. A local anesthetic is usually used for quick, comfortable, and stress-free treatment.

What Can I Expect from the Recovery Process?

Getting a filling is a straightforward process, so there is no real recovery period. You will feel numb for a little bit afterward, though. You can still drive, but you should try to avoid eating until the sensation has fully returned to your mouth, or you may bit your tongue or cheeks. You will receive instructions on how best to care for your filling in the coming days to ensure the filling is not damaged.

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